Idaho and Utah

We traveled to Idaho and Utah for Thanksgiving to visit extended family before Aaron leaves on his mission in just 2 weeks.

The kids were really pretty good for such a long trip

On thanksgiving we were in Idaho Falls to visit my step Mom Marilyn. Here’s a picture of Marilyn’s Grandkids: With my 6 are Brookx, Brittany, and Jordan.

Friday we drove to Spanish Fork to visit my brother Lance and his family: Piper, Tate, Seth and Brandt.

We had quite the photo opportunity as we visited Temple Square for the day, and the lights were on.

Jackson and Brandt were fast friends.





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Lost Lake and Eagle Creek

Thursday we left for Mt Hood to spend 4 nights up at Lost Lake. It was cold and rainy when we got there, but by Monday, it was beautiful, and we were swimming.

The kids and their cousins.

Mt Hood from the lost lake viewpoint was about as clear as I’ve ever seen it.

Saturday afternoon, Aaron, Garrison, Christian, Rylan, and poor old dad left Wahtum Lake for Bonneville Dam along eagle creek trail. It’s 15+ miles. It was cold up at the drop off point: 51F, and windy. But, it wasn’t raining, and the weather got better with every step towards the River.

3.5 hours later, we made it to camp. And we survived my cooking of dinner and breakfast, and 5 of us in a 4-man tent.

Day 2, we are up, fed, and packed for another day of hiking. Today we start to see alot more water.

The first of the significant waterfalls you see.

The creek and trail are really rocky. you can see the entire creek bed is just solid rock. The water sometimes is only a couple inches deep, but gets pretty wide. Other times, it has carved some large pools.

Twister Falls.

When the cliff gets high, there’s a cable to hold on to.

Then you come around the corner to Tunnel Falls.



The view from High Bridge, and another falls.

The end of the trail… Everyone dunks their head. Brenda had left my car for us there so that we could drive back up to the lake.

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I flew straight to LA from Shanghai, and have been here for 8 days now. We spent a week in LA with my Mom.

We played in the pool.



We ate a lot of great food cooked by my mom. This was Rylan’s favorite part of the trip. We even got Aaron and Garrison to wash dishes…

We went to Idyllwild for a Tingley family reunion.

My brother Todd hung out with us for a whole day. We rode go carts at Speed Zone.



We also spent the day at Disneyland with my Mom and Desiree.


In the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room….

We enjoyed Monte Cristo’s at the Blue Bayou for lunch.

We enjoyed the rides, like Space Mountain. Brenda is holding on to Tori, who you can’t see.

Tori really enjoyed all the coasters, much more than I thought that she would. I thought she’d be a little more scared, but she really wasn’t.

The day ended with fireworks and fantasmic. Even though the park was much more crowded than our normal mid week, mid September visits, it was a good day, and we rode nearly all the rides we wanted to.

On Friday, we drove up to Sacramento, and spent Saturday at my brother Aaron’s place. It was Zoe’s 3rd Birthday. That’s Tori, Zalee, and Zoe in the picture. We went to John’s Incredible Pizza Company for dinner on Saturday.

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Days 11-15, Shanghai


Shanghai is having a full solar eclipse as I type this. Unfortunately, it’s about as cloudy as can be, and it started to rain. So other than it getting really dark, you can’t see anything at all.


Riding the subway back to town, I saw this sign.

So we went to people’s square to watch the lights. There had been some lightning and thunder, but I couldn’t capture any with my camera.

We ate at Babela’s kitchen on Nanjing Lu for a late dinner.


After work we wanted to go to watch a movie, but it was sold out. So we went to have a dumpling dinner at DaNiang dumplings on TianYaoQiao Lu instead.


I hung out at the hotel for much of the day. I got my exercise by running down to XuJiaHui, playing basketball there, and then running back. Then laid by the pool for a while. Very relaxing day. I met Shama  in the evening and we went to see Transformers 2, then had dinner at the gourmet cafe.  They had the mini burger selection. Quite good.

Before dinner, we walked to People’s park and caught the fountain show.

Interesting shop near W Nanjing Lu.

Sunday: Century Park, Fabric Market and the Bund

After Church, Shama met me at my hotel, and we took the 2 line all the way to Century Park.

Interesting decision on fishing vs. angling here.

We took a boat ride out on the lake. It was the most underpowered boat imaginable, with the worst possible steering. It was cooler on the water, and so it was pleasant. Brenda called my cell phone, and so I got to talk to here while we were here.

After Century Park, we took the 2 line back to the 4 line, and went to the Fabric Market to pick up clothes. My suits turned out great.

We were headed to the basement of the world financial center building for dinner, when I remembered that we hadn’t eaten at New Heights. These are pictures from their 7th floor rooftop restaurant.


After dinner we went shopping, and I got some presents for Brenda. Hope she likes them.

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Shanghai, Days: 9 & 10

Super busy at work, missed lunch time prepping for a talk tomorrow, so we took an excursion into MinHang to find food, and we ate at a KFC. Had to take 2 cabs because we ended up taking a Shanghai taxi, not a MinHang taxi, and he didn’t know where he was going. Worked late. Caught the final 8pm bus back to XuJuaHui and took Luis and Shama to see my hotel, then we ate at an Indian place recommended by Amol. The food was really good. Back to the hotel to give Brenda a call; it was now Monday morning in Seattle, and it is her Birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Woke up with Food Poisoning like symptoms. Yuck. Felt horrible, so no workout. Ended up going to Grand Gateway for breakfast (a protein shake from Wagas), and picked up sandwiches for the 3 of us for a working lunch today. Feeling a bit better; trying to ignore it.

Shama, Luis and I gave a test talk today. I think it went very well. I got to see many of the people that I spent time with during the 3 months I was here in 2007 that I don’t normally get to interact with while I am here working with my vendor team, and they couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost. That was very nice to hear.

In the evening, I took the Design team to a well deserved dinner. Roger, Jie, David, Jacky, and Binhua all joined me at Xiao Ting, a restaurant with really great Shanghainese food.

Lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, fatty pork, sweet shrimp, beef, tofu with crab, tofu with fungus, corn pie, and a sweet beef were some of the excellent choices for main dishes that the team made.

I’ve still been feeling yucky all day. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will wake up and be feeling much better. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be the solar eclipse here in Shanghai. It rained for the first time since I got here tonight, and they say it might be raining for the eclipse tomorrow. That would be too bad.

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Shanghai, day 9: Sunday

I went to church in the AM, and met up with Luis and Shama around 12:30 at Grand Gateway.  I took them to the Fabric Market via the 1 line to the 8 line (which I’d never tried before; it meets the 8 and 2 at people’s square), and I bought shirts, ties, and 2 new suits. Shama bought a jacket and dress, and Luis bought 2 new shirts. I have to go back next Sunday to pick them up. I purchased shirts from the same tailor last year.

After that, we took a taxi to YuYuan and had lunch at the famous dumpling place there.

Shama got her hair done by a street vendor.

Then we took a rickshaw ride up to the 2 line, to head to Nanjing Lu.

We walked down to the bund and back, and caught the 2 line over to LuJiaZui.

I stitched this picture together, and the boat was moving about as fast as I was taking pictures, so it appears 5 times.

We hopped back on the 2 line, and went to the LongYuang Rd. stop to let Shama and Luis ride the MagLev train. While they were riding the train, I walked to the YongDa building area where I can come for church services the next time I am in Shanghai.

Then a taxi back to LuJiaZui, where we had dinner on the 56th’ floor of the JinMao tower.

The new world financial center next two JinMao.

The lobby of the Grand Hyatt.

Dinner was great, and we went for a foot massage after dinner. We’d logged another 18000 steps since 3pm, and 23000 yesterday.

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Shanghai, Day 8: HangZhou

We (Eprhaim, Luis and Shama + me) met at the Shanghai south railway station at 8 AM to head to HangZhou. And about 2 hours later, we were there.

This is an interesting way to park cars.

We started our tour with a walk down a shopping street.

A brass pagoda

We had lunch at a pretty good restaurant. Ephraim did a great job ordering food for us. Good Tofu.

Spicy peppers

BBQ Pork

Spicy Fish

After lunch we visited WestLake, or XiHu, and visited two pagodas. They had an elevator in both pagodas. I’d never seen that before. They even had a mirror on the ceiling.

Inside the first pagoda was an amazing diorama. It had over 3000 people, 31 meters long. Amazing.

Skyline of HangZhou from the pagoda.


Then down to WestLake.

Then up in a 2nd pagoda. This one was very modern, built over the top of the ancient one. It also had an elevator. This is the view of westlake from the top.

Then we took a boat ride around the lake. Very relazing. My favorite part of the day.

Then a walk to the restaurant for dinner. This was a longer walk than anticipated.


The lotus were starting to bloom.

Dinner was great. Ephraim did a great job ordering food, again. We ate at a very famous restaurant right on the lake. Then it was a cab back to the train station, and a faster D class train back to Shanghai. 10:30, I was back in the hotel, ready for a good nights sleep.

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