Shanghai, Days: 9 & 10

Super busy at work, missed lunch time prepping for a talk tomorrow, so we took an excursion into MinHang to find food, and we ate at a KFC. Had to take 2 cabs because we ended up taking a Shanghai taxi, not a MinHang taxi, and he didn’t know where he was going. Worked late. Caught the final 8pm bus back to XuJuaHui and took Luis and Shama to see my hotel, then we ate at an Indian place recommended by Amol. The food was really good. Back to the hotel to give Brenda a call; it was now Monday morning in Seattle, and it is her Birthday. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.

Woke up with Food Poisoning like symptoms. Yuck. Felt horrible, so no workout. Ended up going to Grand Gateway for breakfast (a protein shake from Wagas), and picked up sandwiches for the 3 of us for a working lunch today. Feeling a bit better; trying to ignore it.

Shama, Luis and I gave a test talk today. I think it went very well. I got to see many of the people that I spent time with during the 3 months I was here in 2007 that I don’t normally get to interact with while I am here working with my vendor team, and they couldn’t believe how much weight I had lost. That was very nice to hear.

In the evening, I took the Design team to a well deserved dinner. Roger, Jie, David, Jacky, and Binhua all joined me at Xiao Ting, a restaurant with really great Shanghainese food.

Lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, fatty pork, sweet shrimp, beef, tofu with crab, tofu with fungus, corn pie, and a sweet beef were some of the excellent choices for main dishes that the team made.

I’ve still been feeling yucky all day. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will wake up and be feeling much better. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be the solar eclipse here in Shanghai. It rained for the first time since I got here tonight, and they say it might be raining for the eclipse tomorrow. That would be too bad.

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One Response to Shanghai, Days: 9 & 10

  1. Mario says:

    hope you feel better!

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